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31 supervisory Roles Of Classroom teachers Presented To TSC By KUPPET

The Kenya national union of post primary education teachers, KUPPET, has designed new job descriptions for classroom teachers. These job descriptions will make them to be assigned managerial and supervisory roles in their work stations by the teacher’s service commission, TSC.

KUPPET deputy secretary general, Moses Nthurima, during an interview with one of the publishers, faulted 2017/2016 SRC job evaluation for giving school heads too many responsibilities, leaving classroom teachers with only two roles; delivery of curricular and co-curricular activities.

“When SRC was doing evaluation last time, they took most of the responsibilities of the classroom teachers to the principals, leaving only two job descriptions to the former and when the ksh 54B was allocated in the CBA, teachers lost out,” Nthurima confirmed.

KUPPET has designed thirty one new job descriptions which reflect the true worth of the classroom teacher and submitted to the teachers’ service commission, TSC, for submission to the salaries and remuneration commission, SRC for re-evaluation. If re-evaluated, the new job descriptions will be captured in the 2021-2025 CBA.

The latest SRC job evaluation recognized the classroom teachers’ new responsibilities under the competency based curriculum, CBC and gave teachers managerial or supervisory roles in schools.

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KUPPET Adjusts its 2021-2025 CBA Basic Salary Proposal

“Majority of the work force is in the lower job groups and therefore this CBA proposes a re-evaluation of jobs so that teachers warrant the increase,” reads part of the 2021-2025 proposed CBA.

KUPPET and TSC have developed new job descriptions capturing the true worth of a classroom teacher. The new job descriptions recognize the teachers leadership and technical work within and outside classroom, which had been ignored by the evaluation tool previously used by SRC,” reads KUPPET’s statement.

Among the 31 new managerial roles that KUPPET came up with included:

  • Coordinating learning and teaching activities for effective learning
  • Supervising adherence of learners to school rules, regulations, and school routine.
  • Supervising learners safety and health during practical learning sessions
  • Supervising school programmes and activities while on duty
  • Coordinating subjects in their areas of specialization
  • Undertaking teaching duties as per the approved curriculum
  • Developing and maintain professional documents
  • Assessing learners abilities, skills and learning needs
  • Preparing assessment and rubrics
  • Guide learners in the development of portfolios
  • Mentoring and coaching newly recruited teachers
  • Monitoring learners achievements through continuous assessment tests Next

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