5 Easy Steps to File KRA Returns Using A Mobile Phone

It’s another time of the year that the Kenya Revenue authority expects all persons with KRA pin to file their taxes.it is a hectic process that demands downloading of an excel spread sheet, filling offline and uploading it on the portal. However, you can file your returns without going the spread sheet way using your smart phone or computer.

This is illustrated in the step by step guide below. The procedure is the same, irrespective of the gadget you are using. People with no employment income or students can click here to file nil returns.

Step 1

Open the chrome browser in your smart phone. On the search area, type  https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/ and search. You can as well click the site on this guide or go to the KRA website and click iTax.

Enter your pin in the field provided and continue. In case you don’t have a pin, you must apply for one before continuing.

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Insert your password in the relevant field and type the answer to the sum provided in the space given, then log in. your iTax portal will open.

Step 2

At the of the window shaded red, click ‘returns’ and on the drop-down menu, choose ‘ITR for employment income only’. A question appears prompting you to declare if you have employment income. Choose ‘yes’ on the drop-down menu and then click ‘next’.

Step 3

Fill your basic information correctly in the fields provided and move to the next part.

Proceed to section F. Verify the name and KRA pin of your employer, your gross pay for the year, and the allowances earned during that year. The sum of gross pay and all the allowances must tally with the total taxable income in the P9 form

Step 4

Proceed to sheet M and verify the details of your employer, total taxable salary for the year, total tax paid on the taxable salary and total PAYE deducted. They should match what is in the P9, otherwise modify them.

Step 5

Proceed to Section T. In case you have a pension scheme, enter the amount contributed for the year. If you don’t have, simply type 0. Enter the total personal relief (MPR) as per your P9. Submit your details. You can download the acknowledgment receipt if interested in it, although the same receipt emailed immediately to you.

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