A CBC Mobile App Designed To Easen Teachers’ Work

A CBC Mobile App Designed To Easen Teachers’ Work

A mobile app has been designed to make teacher’s work easier. Teachers who are already implementing the competency based curriculum, CBC, will use the timely mobile app to asses learners and to keep records.

This will save them the agony of having to pile several books on their desks. Cases of misplaced books and lost records will also be greatly reduced.

When it comes to assessment, the app will make the whole learner assessment process faster and less burdening to the teacher.

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Heads and managers using the CBC App will face a lot of eases while generating reports on the performance of teachers and learners.

“As we all know, the new curriculum brought about big changes in the way teachers asses learners. In the first four grades of primary schools, there are unique learning activities across all the subject areas that each student must perform and be tracked but only a handful of activities are tracked. This denies the learners critical feedback in their development,” said Verb education CEO.

Currently, teachers do record keeping and learner assessment manually, leaving them totally fatigued by the end of the day. With the CBC App, teachers can enjoy the following privileges:

  • Reduced repetitions of designed learning/ teaching activities
  • Meaningful keeping of records of work covered
  • Timely acquisition of detailed reports
  • Reports can easily be printed and shared to other parties.

To install the app in your android or windows phone, simply open your phone’s play store and search CBC APP. Choose the one related to the class you are dealing with and install it.

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