A list of Top 15 Best KMTC Campuses in Kenya
  1. A list of Top 15 Best KMTC Campuses in Kenya

Kenya medical training college is among the most competent colleges that train medical courses in Kenya. It offers a variety of health-related courses in its 71 campuses, spread across the country. These KMTC courses include short courses, certificate courses, diploma courses and higher diploma courses.

The best KMTC Campuses are those that offer most of the KMTC short courses and other KMTC courses at certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels. The best campuses of course have state of the art infrastructure and facilities that can accommodate the courses and a maximum capacity of learners without depleting the resources or straining to offer services. Such campuses are easily accessible and have built so much trust among the clients and the alumni. They have made an indelible trademark name, that the alumni pride themselves with.

In terms of clinical experience facilities, such campuses are closest to some of the best medical facilities in Kenya, and therefore, trainees get a memorable experience in dealing with some of the most sophisticated machines present in those hospitals and some serious infections that only such hospitals can handle.

To be a competent health practitioner, all you deserve is the best, and the best can only be obtained from the top 15 best KMTC campuses.

Below is a list of top 15 best KMTC campuses. you get get more information about the campus by clicking on it.

  1. KMTC Nairobi Campus
  2. KMTC Kisumu Campus
  3. KMTC Mombasa Campus
  4. KMTC Thika Campus
  5. KMTC Mathari Campus
  6. KMTC Kilifi Campus
  7. KMTC Karen KMTC Campus
  8. KMTC Kisii Campus
  9. KMTC Nakuru Campus
  10. KMTC Port Reitz Campus
  11. KMTC Nyeri Campus
  12. KMTC Taveta Campus
  13. KMTC Kakamega Campus
  14. KMTC Msambweni Campus
  15. KMTC Murang’a Campus

Above are just some of the best, but all the KMTC campuses are doing a commendable work, judging from their products, who we meet in various health facilities across the country.

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