A Stellar Performance on CBC During KMF Likely to Derail its Scrapping
Noreen Wagwama (centre) in a company of Alber School Pupils

A Stellar Performance on CBC During KMF Derails its Scrapping

A grade six pupil confidently delivered a powerful composition solo verse on why the incoming government should retain the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) during the Kenya Music Festival in Kisumu, stealing the attention of over 70000 participants.

The highly rated performance by Noreen Wagwama from Alber School in Central Kenya was directed towards President William Ruto and the Ministry of Education.

“CBC is important. It helps pupils develop and demonstrate mastery over a topic, builds a culture of equity and inclusivity, and prepares us for life beyond the walls of their school,” said Wagwama in one of her verses.

A majority of the audience confirmed the performance by the minor is likely to change president Ruto’s mind and the entire Kenya Kwanza’s leadership on CBC, even as public participation on the latter is yet to begin.

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Wagwama’s teacher Evalyne Njeri said they came up with the topic on CBC because they believe the programme helps nurture the talents of the young pupils.

“This is not my plea but that of my pupils. Since the introduction of the programme in 2017, I have seen tremendous growth in not only the current lot but the past five classes that have passed through CBC.”

“CBC teaches these pupils a lot of important values of life which in turn helps them work up the hierarchy of capability at a faster rate than through traditional training methods. It also helps them to do better academically while developing other skills early in life,” said Njeri.

President William Ruto promised to put up a taskforce to ratify the implementation of a Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The taskforce is to allow another round of public participation on CBC movingly on a raft of issues that need to be ironed out.

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