All secondary schools To Offer Compulsory ICT courses

All secondary schools To Offer ICT courses

The government is set to roll out programs that will see all government schools enabled to take up ICT courses at the secondary level.

While addressing the media at Maseno School during a tree planting session ahead of the environmental day Principal Secretary for ICT Jerome Ochieng said that issues of ICT are very important to students during this era.

As a country, the PS said the ministry wants to build a very strong human capital more specifically on ICT and human technology that we become a regional hub to supply technicians and ICT experts within the region as we have a robust young population that is able to take the task.

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“Issues of ICT is important and students also want to take the course and we also feel honoured with those already enrolled in the course since they are taking it seriously,” he said.

The PS also said that already they are working closely with the Ministry of Education and that currently there is a piloting program trying to see how ICT programs can be rolled across all government schools.

The PS informed us that they have identified 10 schools which they intend to ensure that within the next 2-3 years every school has internet connection with appropriate devices placed in the school.

“This is work that is in progress and the ministry of education is the key driver and we are just supporting them as they move towards that direction,” said the PS.

On the issues of environment conservations the PS said that they have already planted more than 6000 trees as they continue to celebrate world environmental week.

He added that they are beginning to involve children in environmental conservations and in the issue of planting trees as the students are enthusiastic as they continue to learn and also take part in the environment.

He urged the students to come up with a policy that every year as they celebrate their birthday they should also plant a tree to mark the occasion.

“This is a call that I would wish every Kenyan to take part in. I challenge to take tree planting as a very important excercise as part and parcel of their life,” he said.

On his side Maseno School Principal Andrew Buop commended the PS for the work well done of foreseeing the tree planting in their school.

“As a school we have decided that our school is highly forested and when you walk in the school you will find old trees planted many years ago,” he said adding that the PS planted 2500 trees.

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