Muturi Pledges to Complete Implementation of 2017-2021 CBA and Arrears

All Unemployed P1 teachers to Go Back To TTC in September

Thousands of unemployed P1 teachers will, starting September 2021 join at least one of twenty-four Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) for one year Diploma course. This course is intended to induce them for the changes brought about by the new curriculum.

Sources from the Ministry of Education have revealed that plans have been concluded to advertise the upgrade chances and that will occur any time between June and July this year. Interested persons will be allowed to apply, after which successful applicants will be shortlisted and placed in various government Teacher Training Colleges for the upgrade programme.

The training will take nine months with guaranteed pass for those willing to upgrade starting September 2021 as this will not be a strict regular exam-oriented course but an induction.

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The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is currently working on the curriculum design for the upgrade programme which will only focus on equipping the teachers with Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) skills since they have already acquired the basic teaching pedagogies.

The resolution was reached after it emerged that no teacher in future will be employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to join the teaching service without a Diploma.

However, the Commission said whatever changes it is planning in the teaching profession will not be instantaneous as the changes are still at debate level.

“Even if changes may come, they will be gradual. For now, the issue is at debate level. No final word yet,” said TSC.

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  1. Unemployed p1 teachers have no problem of upgrading their qualifications, but why is the Government not allocating more finances to employ them by tsc instead of shifting goals every time. why a you not employing them first, instead of depressing the already depressed poor p1 teachers. Some did well during k.c.s.e but because of poverty they never joined the universities for degrees, with the hope of securing jobs to further their education. Even if you tell some to use their k.c.s.e certificate to enroll for the current Diploma in primary education they still qualify, what we need is employment not shifting goals as if p1 teachers made wrong choices in their life.

  2. I think it is going to disadvantage teachers who struggled so much to attack the p1certificate and have stayed for more than 9years before employment they also have families struggling with the little salaries they get from the private sectional to maintain their families surely where will they get the school fees? Or will the gvt offer it freely and how will they leave their families to go back to school? Plz our dear president come to our rescue plz tumekuomba

  3. Kindly make the fee affordable. Some of us are discouraged already with high cost of living and low pay in private schools. Why is TSC employing very few teachers every year yet there are so many schools that need teachers. There are schools that have more than 100 learner’s in one class. Employ us. Give us some hope


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