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Another Round Of Mass Transfers And Delocalization Of School Heads Looming at TSC Headquarters

TSC is allegedly planning massive transfers and delocalisation of school heads, a move which will brew a fresh row between TSC and KNUT.

TSC has directed its regional staff to collect and forward data of school heads who have stayed in one station for more than nine years, a directive that has sent Panic to over 30,000 heads of public schools.

In a memo to all Regional Directors, TSC also wants details of primary school head teachers and principals of secondary schools who have exited the teaching service.

The employer has also requested data of school heads who are presently working from home due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. These fresh demands by TSC signal a major shake-up of public schools’ management.

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TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia had asked teachers who are 50 years and above and those with underlying conditions to work from home to mitigate the spread of the virus.

The TSC memo dated February 26TH advised that principals aged 55 and below should be considered for transfers and get replaced by the newly appointed principals under job group D3.

County Schools are headed by principals falling under Grade D3. There are about 1, 031 county schools with about 145,000 learners.

Principals of sub-county schools fall under grade D2. There are about 7,000 sub-county schools with about 650,000 students.

Principals of extra county schools fall under grade D4. There are about 531 sub-county schools with approximately 130, 000 students.

The document to be filled by regional directors had a format for data presentation before they are sent to the Commission. Under the secondary schools’ matrix, regional directors are required to capture the home county of the principals complete with details of their current station. These details must include the size of the school, the sponsor of the institution, and the category of the school and enrolment data.

The mean score registered by the schools for the last three years between 2017 and 2019 must also be captured as well as the institution’s host county. The principal’s present designation, job group, and gender must also be captured.

For primary schools, TSC wants the age of the head teacher captured. The teacher’s home county, designation, current station, and the host county of the school details are also required.

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