Apple picking JOBS in Canada

APPLY Now: Apple pickers Required urgently in canada

Have you longed to work oversea and earn very hefty perks? this is your most perfect opportunity, as most canadian organizations are looking fruit and vegetable pickers.

It is possible to earn upto $ 75 per hour depending on speed and the hours you can work in a day.

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APPLY Now: Apple pickers Required urgently in canada

Apple picking JOBS in Canada

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  • Language: English
  • Education: No degree, certificate or diploma education required.
  • Experience: not necessary
  • Specific Skills: Sorting apples, packing apples, loading and offloading apples, and transferring crates, supplying apples to assigned clients, clearing the working area.
  • Work Location: farm area.


  • Salary: The average is between 1600$- 3500$ Per Month, depending on work done.
  • Additional benefits from the company include: food, accommodation, transport, airtime and medical expenses.
  • Your salary will be entitled to an annual salary increment if your performance is excellent

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of fruit picker and farmworkers are listed below:

  1. Drives and operates farming equipment and machinery
  2. Cultivate, spray, and harvest apples
  3. Attaches farm implements, such as plow, planter, fertilizer applicator, and harvester under instruction.
  4. Removes excess growth from apples improve fruit quality, using pruning saws and clippers.
  5. Irrigates soil and plant using a portable-pipe or ditch system.
  6. Picking and storing apples after harvest.
  7. Weeding apples to improve quality
  8. May thin blossoms, runners, and immature fruit to obtain better-quality fruit.
  9. May prop limbs to prevent them from breaking under the weight of fruit.
  10. May start fans that circulate air or light smudge pots or torches to prevent frost damage.

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