Vihiga county leadership under the Governor Wilberforce Otichillo promised to create a sports committee a couple of years ago. The long wait just ended after the list was released on a gazette notice dated 13th July, 2020. The initial objective of the committee according to the Governor by then was to strengthen sports in the grassroots. It’s was a good idea given that each sub-county will also have an individual running sports on behalf of the county.Will the office put in place deliver?The Members appointed in the committee are as follows;

Daniel Andafu,Claire Indire,Ebby Sagala,Elizabeth Omuyoyi,Willy Asienwa,Peter Emodia,Vicent Amwayi,Albert Masiolo(Chairperson)

The team gets great young men who have already proven their capability in matters sports. Willy Asienwa who’s an educationist with a degree Education has performed alot in sports specifically FKF representing youth in several occasions. Mr. Asienwa comes in with already great experience in coordination of sporting activities and moreso nurturing talent after he individually came up with sports youth academy some years ago. The former Mbale High student won’t disappoint in his new appointment because of his passion to selflessly help the youth realize their potential.  He also comes in to represent the match officials in soccer, netball and Hockey. He’s accredited FKF soccer referee, netball and Hockey umpire at higher levels in all the three mentioned disciplines.

A graduate of Egerton University with Physics and chemistry as specialties, Peter Emodia has received accolades from all over because of his positive attributes within and without sports fraternity.  Mr. Emodia is currently a teacher at Mudavadi girls while still pursuing a Masters degree in physics education.

He’s a team player under the renown supportive principal; the gentleman has risen to level of HOS in physics and basketball coach.  The netizens across different social platforms have appreciated the Governor for giving Mr. Emodia a chance he deserves.

The chairperson of the committee is Mr. Albert Masiolo, who’s currently the Principal of Senende boys High school and the chairperson of Kenya secondary schools Heads Association Vihiga chapter. Mr. Masiolo will need a lot of induction to bring him back to sports after giving it a blind eye for too long. Those close to him reveal he’s not comfortable with Co-curricular activities in his school.  How such good things happen to such people remains a proverbial hyena taking care of goats. He is a close friend and relative to Vihiga County Deputy Governor Dr. Patrick Saisi. Our hopes remains with the team under him: to guide him realize the dreams of the youth within the county.

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