Basic Salary Scales of TSC Chief Principals (T-scale 15) and How To Become One.

Basic Salary Scales of TSC Chief Principals (T-scale 15) and How To Become One.

Chief Principals head National and Extra County Schools, whose enrolment exceed 1000 students. The position of a chief principal is only found in high schools, upon promotion.

Responsibilities of a chief principal
  • Overall management and administration of the institution.
  • Lead educator within their institutions
  • Operational management of their institutions.
  • Development and implementation of educational plans, policies and programs of the institution.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of curriculum activities of the institution
  • Chief Accounting officer of the institution

Minimum Qualifications To Be a Chief Principal

To be promoted to this position, a teacher must have the following qualifications:

  • Must be serving under career progression guidelines, CPG
  • Must have served as a principal for a minimum period of three years.
  • Must be currently serving as a senior principal at job group D4, T-scale 14.
  • Must have a master’s degree in a related field.
  • Must have satisfactory rating in the performance appraisal and performance contracting process
  • Must have demonstrated ability to supervise, mentor and provide professional support to other teachers.
  • Must meet the requirements of chapter six of the constitution.
Current salaries

Currently, the lowest earning principal at job group D 5 (T scale 15) earns ksh. 131,380 while the highest earning gets Sh157, 656 per month. These salaries are as summarized in the table below.

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