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Best Junior Secondary Schools To Select For Grade 7

The Kenya national examinations council, KNEC, opened its portal about 10 days ago to enable grade six learners to select junior secondary schools that they would be interested to join in September.( Here is the final list)

Below are the categories of junior secondary schools and the number of schools each candidate should select, as per the guidelines given by the ministry of education and knec.

  1. two national schools (click to see list of national Junior secondary schools)
  2. two regional schools. (Click to see list of regional junior secondary schools)
  3. two county schools (click to see list of county junior secondary schools)
  4. four sub county schools (click to see list of sub-county junior secondary schools)
  5. two private schools of their choice (click to see list of private junior secondary schools)

According to education CS George Magoha, the candidates should give priority to day schools. There are various day schools that serve as regional and county schools, and therefore parents and grade six students should consider them. Additionally, there are national schools with that have day wing. Most private schools are also day schools, even though some have raised their school fees to levels that middle income and low-income earners cannot afford, even if their kids are invited to join. Further, those who will be invited to National schools will not be entitled to the government’s subsidy.

In cases where there are no national schools, regional schools or county schools with day school wing proximal to the learner, it is advisable that the learner selects any accessible school of choice and selects only well-structured sub county schools around them.

While making selection, please remember to select schools with structures that can facilitate competency-based learning.

Below is an updated list of junior secondary schools in kenya, that you could select from during application.

Final  List Of Approved Private Junior Secondary Schools Per County

Final List of Public Junior Secondary Schools

Final  List of Primary schools approved to host Junior Secondary schools

Final  List of national schools approved to host Junior Secondary schools

Final  List of Regional Junior Junior Secondary schools

Final List of county schools approved to host Junior Secondary schools

Final  List of sub-county schools approved to host Junior Secondary schools

Final   List Of Junior Secondary Schools Per County

Once you have made up your mind, you can you can register your selection in the CBA portal by clicking here. Please please  share this post widely to help a child, a parent or a teacher.

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