Sultana Citizen TV; Cast, Characters Real names and Today’s Episode

Biographies of Sultan Citizen TV Actors- Ages, Families, Career, Movies acted


Babu is identified as Lolani Kalu with his real names. He is a veteran Kenyan journalist, who worked with NTV and KTN before retirement. He is known for his eloquency in Swahili, especially when he was airing the show Malimwengu in NTV. Click here to read more about babu.


Her real name is mwanaasha Johari. She was born, bred and educated in the coastal regions of Mombasa. Mwanaasha Johari has so much passion in acting and modelling. Although she has not appeared in the screens before premier of sultana, she has so much to offer in the program that we are yet to see. click here to read more.

Major Jabali

Major Jabali’s real name is Suleiman Fadhili. He played the role of Omari, Sofia’s father, in citizen TV’s Maria episodes.

With an acting experience of more than 30n years, Fadhili has featured in so many episodes including; Tunaishi mjini, Masaibu, sumu, monuru, kipendacho roho, and Dawa. In all these shows, Fadhili has been acting very controversial roles and has never disappointed. click here to read more.


Known by his real names as Patrick Francis Owino, Duya has also featured in so many shows in Kenyan Television channels. He was born and bred in Nairobi, and has accumulated skills in acting and journalism. One of his most popular movies is Kovu. click here to read more.


Zuu’s real name is Annette Odubi and she is a Kenyan actress based in Mombasa Kenya. She has featured in Meza, Fatuma, Matatizo and Faida. click here to read more.

Jabali Junior

Jabali Junior’s real name is Othman Njaidi. He is a brother to the controversial actor, Stephen Kanumba. Born and bred in Tanzania, he has featured in uncle Jeje, among other movies. click here to read more.


Known by her real names as Winnie Bwire. She’s an actress, dancer, director, producer and songwriter. She is popularly known for her led role in the movie Hanani.

We are working to provide you with full information concerning all the characters in the Sultan TV show. click here to read more.

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Sultana Citizen TV; Cast, Characters Real names and Today’s Episode

Citizen TV Sultana’s Babu (Lolani Kalu) Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Career, Money Raised By Kenyans


Angie Magio is a kenyan actress Commonly known by her role of Messina in the most famous Swahili telenovela dubbed Selina. What she plays and is famous for is the role of an evil person, or an association with evil acts and things. In the newly aired telenovela, Sultana. click here to read more,.

Bi Ua

Maria Ahmed Mzee is a prolific Kenyan actress, who became commonly known after accepting to play the role of Bi Ua in Citizen TV’s Sultana. Sultana is one of the new shows which air on Citizen TV. It premiered on March 7, 2022 to replace Zora..Click here to read more.

Bi salama

The late Rehema Rajab Konde was a talented Kenyan actress who was famously known for her lead roles in Maisha Magic East. Before her death…..Read more

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