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Both Secondary and Primary Schools to Host Junior Secondary Schools

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that primary schools will host junior secondary schools and that the Extra facilities in public primary institutions will be converted into junior secondary sections.

According to the Principal Secretary for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms Fatuma Chege, day schooling will be adopted to utilise the extra classrooms in case secondary schools are not near the primary institutions.

The PS confirmed plans to put in place policies that will guide the implementation of the transition ahead of the grand shift in 2023.

She said direction will also be given on how extra infrastructure in the selected primary schools or institutions lacking secondary sections will be utilized to anchor junior secondary schools.

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“Logic will have to speak on its own merit. If a primary school will have extra classrooms, a decision will be made based on prevailing circumstances on how they will be utilised,” said Chege.

Part of the plan will involve having junior secondary learners use the extra classes in the primary schools under the day schooling plan.

“Or we shall have to establish a fully-fledged secondary wing using the extra facilities in primary schools to anchor the junior secondary. Therefore, there should be no confusion,” said Chege.

“We have to optimise the resources we have and if a primary school has excess infrastructure that can be transformed into a junior secondary school then, the government is at liberty to establish a wing of junior secondary school with its own management,” said Chege.

As per the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) task force recommendation however, junior secondary schools will be hosted in the existing secondary schools.

“Let us get it right that this level of learning will be domiciled in secondary schools. We are only trying to establish how best we can also utilise extra spaces in primary schools,” said Chege.

The PS confirmed that the recommendations of the task force are in the fine-tuning stage ahead of implementation and that new classrooms will be constructed in existing secondary schools in readiness for the transition as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Those were recommendations to be considered for implementation. We collected data but the information is raw and we are getting to the details now,” said Chege.

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