Looming Mass transfers of teachers From Next Week Due to Staff Imbalance

Categories of Teachers That TSC Intends To Exempt From Mass Delocalization

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is planning to transfer teachers in a bid to achieve staff balancing across the country. The exercise is slated for this month before schools reopen.

The commission has directed regional directors to liaise with county directors to carry out teacher rationalization in their areas of jurisdiction.
“For that reason, you are required to coordinate with the County Directors in your respective Regions and undertake staff/teacher rationalization with a view to ensure an equitable re-distribution across the schools in your Regions,” read a statement from the teachers’ employer.

In undertaking teacher transfer and/or the assignment to address teacher imbalance/s the following factors will be considered (unless upon teacher‘s request):

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The age of the teacher: Teachers aged 56 years and above will be exempted from the transfer out of the area of their current work stations.
Health status: Teachers with proven cases of terminal illness will be exempt from transfers out of the current Sub–County of work. However, the Committee will evaluate each case on its own merit taking into consideration the supporting Medical documents, the availability and accessibility to the appropriate medical facilities amongst other factors in the proposed station.
Teachers with Disabilities; Teachers with disability with the necessary certification will be exempted from transfers outside their current station sub County.
When transferring teachers, priority shall be given to schools within the Sub–County within the targeted shortage before transferring out of the Sub County.
Family considerations: transfer couples who are employees of the Commission and have formally declared their marital status in the same neighbourhood where possible.
Length of stay since first appointment: the teacher must have served in a station for a period of not less than three (3) years and five (5) years for North Eastern and other areas respectively since first appointment; unless otherwise authorized by the Commission Secretary.
Priority will be given to teachers who have applied for transfer and are eligible for transfer. In cases where teachers meet the criteria for transfer, the Commission will consider: .

“First in, first out factor‘.
Gender balance where applicable.
Teacher‘s security where applicable.
HENCEFORTH, teachers transfer will be a continuous exercise to address staffing gaps and to ensure equitable distribution and optimal teacher utilization.
Transfer of teachers will be carried out during the school holidays to ensure stability and the smooth running of the school program/s except for emergencies.

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