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CBC Implementation Taskforce Recommends Establishement Of Teachers’ Society of Kenya To Regulate Teachers

Taskforce for CBC implementation has proposed a joint professional body for teachers of all levels. If these proposals got through; primary school teachers, high school teachers and university lecturers will be members of a joint professional body.

The task force, in its report, stated that CBC implementation demands that all teachers belong to a joint professional regulatory body.

“Education ministry, TSC, KUPPET, KNUT, KEPSHA and KESSHA will establish a joint professional regulatory body for all educators in Kenya,” reads the report.

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The body, which is yet to be established, will resemble other professional bodies like LSK for lawyers, ICPAC for public accountants, NCK for nurses, KMPDC for medical and dentist practitioners among others.

The body will regulate teachers in both basic and tertiary institutions, and set standards and qualifications for the practice.

Presently, no standard body exists that regulates the teaching profession in Kenya probably because teachers and lecturers have different employers and are subscribed to different regulatory bodies. Primary and high school teachers are employed by TSC while technical and vocational training teachers are under the authority of TVET. University lecturers are regulated by the commission for university education, CUE.

The body will have to get accreditation certificate from Kenya national qualifications authority. KNQA accredits any professional body that is awarding qualifications.

Some professional bodies are only given powers to register members while others engage members in short term training for continuous professional development. Others are given powers to elaborate accreditation, quality assurance, and qualification awards.

The latter must abide by the regulations of KNQA on quality assurance, examination and assessment of qualifications.

This may be a move to reduce the powers of TSC strictly to employment of teachers. Regulation of teachers will be done by the ministry of education if this proposal is adopted.

The Kenya union of post primary education teachers, KUPPET, Chairperson Omboko Milemba has hinted in a past address that there should be a special body that deals with teachers’ professionalism.

The taskforce also recommends that KNEC designs a framework for implementing competency based assessment in pre service teacher education for formative and summative assessments.


  1. This is a good move how can ministry be managing schools ye it had no powers over teachers ?let the ministry it good for everything in schools be under the ministry including teachers this body called teachers service commission should also be answerable to the minister if it must be their to employ them and work strictly under the ministry of education infact it Should be a department within the ministry charged with employing teachers only


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