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CBC Task Force Meet To Solve 2023 Form One Double Intake Menace As 8-4-4 Ends

The end of 8-4-4 system of education is coming with a riddle that is yet to be solved by education stake holders. Officials from the ministry if educations have yet again recalled a meeting to reanalyze their earlier decision concerning curriculum change over.

With the changeover from 8-4-4 curriculum to 2-6-3-3, curriculum system, a double form one intake in 2023 is expected. The current CBC grade four pupils are expected to join junior secondary schools in 2023 after completing class six in 2022.

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In the same 2023, the current 8-4-4 class six pupils are expected to join form one after completing class eight in 2022.

With the two candidate classes in 2022 and a double form one intake in 2023, proper decisions must be made by the task force, or else secondary schools will face untold infrastructural and logistical challenges, which will seriously paralyze the education sector.

The CBC task force team was appointed by the Education cabinet secretary, George Magoha to give relevant advice on the key implementation issues of the CBC. In their earlier decision, junior secondary schools were to be contained within the current secondary schools. However, secondary schools would suffer inadequate infrastructure, especially now that Kenya has come to terms the covid-19 realities. The team has organized yet another meeting to revert the decision made earlier. If this happens, then junior secondary schools may be domiciled within primary schools.

Another challenge that CBC will have to face is teacher staffing, especially in secondary schools, which are currently preparing for double intake, unless junior secondary schools remain in the primary sections.

Placement Issues

Being that there will be no national exams in grade six to guide on placement, criteria for placing CBC learners into junior secondary schools will be a hard nut to crack.

“How will we know that this learner will be admitted to this school for junior secondary level? Form one placement has a criteria based on merit, choice and affirmative action. What will this one be based on?” one member of the task force committee questioned.

Reliable sources have it that national and extra county schools will not admit junior secondary learners.

All Details of the task force meeting will be shared by elimupedia team tomorrow morning. Keep checking for more reliable updates.

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