Chief Justice Bans Parents from suing teachers who punish their children

Chief Justice Bans Parents from suing teachers who punish their children

Teachers can get a sigh of relief after Kenya’s Chief Justice (CJ),Hon. Martha Koome, said that cases of parents suing teachers after giving punishments such as canning to unruly students in school will see no light in the courts.

The CJ while speaking at Loreto Girls Secondary School said such cases will be dismissed and with a cost as cases of unruly students in schools are on the rise due to luck of punishments.

She further stated that any kind of indiscipline in school should not be tolerated and that every parent should take the responsibility of raising morally upright children.

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“We do not encourage indiscipline at all, we have the obligation to bring up our children, to encourage them and support them,” CJ Koome said.

This will be a relief to teachers who are facing court cases over punishment of students in school but she however reiterated that teachers should

follow the available guidelines when it comes to punishments, otherwise they will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

“Whoever violates a girl child or a boy child will be imprisoned for 20 years to pay for the pain and the agony that they caused the victims,” said the CJ.

Corporal punishment in Kenyan schools is illegal under the 2010 Constitution, unless if limited.

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