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Coast Region List Of Schools Identified By MOE For Indigenous Languages

The ministry of education has identified schools where indigenous languages and foreign languages will be implemented as per the requirements of CBC.

The roll out of the implementation of indigenous languages and foreign languages is expected next term, upon reopening of schools for term one.

French and German will be taught as foreign languages. Indigenous languages will be based on local communities. Selected schools within a locality will be used to implement the indigenous languages. The indigenous languages will include;

  1. Kikamba
  2. Kitharaka
  3. Kiborana
  4. Kibukusu
  5. Kimaragoli
  6. Kikuyu
  7. Dholuo
  8. Suba
  9. Ekegusii
  10. Maa
  11. Kalenjin
  12. Turkana
  13. Kikuyu
  14. Chiduruma
  15. Chidigo
  16. Kitaveta
  17. Kigiriama
  18. Kipokomo
  19. Kisomali

In coast region, the selected schools are listed in the table.

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KWALE CHIDURUMA 1.       Mamba Primary School

2.       Ziwani Primary School

3.       Mgome Primary School

4.       Mwangulu Primary School

5.       Kinango Primary School

6.       Bahakanda Primary School

7.       Dzivani Primary School

8.       Fulugani Primary School

9.       Mabesheni Primary School

10.    Maji ya Chumvi Primary School

CHIDIGO 1.       Muhaka Islamic Centre, Ukunda

2.       Malalani Primary school, Diani

3.       Vwivwini Primary School, Lungalunga

4.       Voroni Primary School, Likoni

5.       Chitsanze Primary School, Kwale

6.       Waa Primary School, Kwale

7.       Kwale Primary School, Kwale

8.       Vuga Primary School, Kwale

9.       Matuga Primary School, Kwale

10.    Ukunda Primary School, Ukunda

KILIFI KIGIRIAMA 1.       Mihingoni Pri School, Kaloleni

2.       Mikiriani Primary School, Kaloleni

    3.       Barani Primary School

4.       Bamba Primary School

5.       Bahari Primary School

6.       Chalani Primary School

7.       Ganze Primary School

8.       Jeza zhomu Primary School

9.       Kadzonzo Primary School

10.    Kahingoni Primary School

11.    Kibaoni Primary School

12.    Kinani Primary School

13.    Kizurini Primary School

14.    Magogoni Primary School

15.    Majaoni Primary School

16.    Mihingoni Primary School

17.    Mikiriani Primary School

18.    Mutsengo Primary School

19.    Mwandodo Primary School

20.    Petanguo Primary School

TAITA TAVETA KITAVETA 1.       Mlundinyi Primary School

2.       Alfatta Primary School

3.       Mahoo Primary School

4.       Sowene Primary School

5.       Taveta Primary School

6.       Lessesia Primary School

7.       Timbila Primary School

8.       Eldoro Primary School

9.       Njoro Primary School

10.    Chala Primary School

TANA RIVER KIPFOKOMO 1.       Arap Moi Primary School

2.       Bilisa Primary School

3.       Chewani Primary School

4.       Daba Primary School

5.       Dibe Primary School

6.       Fahari Primary School

7.       Garsen Primary School

8.       Furaha Primary School

    9.       Katsangani Primary School

10.    Kulesa Primary School

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