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Magoha Publicly Explains Why He Insulted Uasin- Gishu County CDE

Education cabinet secretary George Magoha has explained to the public why he publicly insulted Uasin Gishu county director of education during his inspection tour of the county last week.

The cabinet secretary hurled insults at Mr. Gitonga Mbaka, whose mistake seemed to be issuing crucial reports of the county to him. ‘Nikisema Wewe ni Mjinga nimedanganya? (Am I wrong to call you stupid?). You are talking about the report! ……And we are talking about what is on the ground…’said furious Magoha.

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The CDE attempted to ask for forgiveness but the CS got more annoyed and kicked him out of the meeting. ‘Unaeza enda. Wewe ni Mjinga sana (Just Go. You are so stupid.),’ he told the already deesteemed CDE, while pointing him the exit.

Mr. Magoha’s irrational and insensitive behavior has left the whole country in shock.

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Mr. Magoha however realized the magnitude of his anger shortly and explained to the people present, the reasons why he had to do what he did.

According to CS Magoha, all that he wanted was things to be done right by the officials being on the ground, rather than pretending to please him.” If you are in front here, you will think that the school is alright. We must ensure that the children are in an environment that is suitable for them.” The CS said angrily.

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He stressed that in his leadership; no one will earn and fail to deliver credible results. “I’ve also noticed that my field officers, especially the lower level of my field officers, only follow me when I come to inspect schools, and we are going to act very swiftly to ensure that everybody; it doesn’t matter who you are; as long as you are being paid by the exchequer through tax payers money, that you work and inspect the schools.”

Sleeping On The Job

He seemed to be accusing Mr. Gitonga of being among the officers who are earning yet sleeping on their jobs. “The situation that I have seen tells you that some of my people are sleeping on the job and we must act on them.”

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The strict professor made it that he wants measurable outputs and not reports. He wanted Mr. Gitonga to show him what he has done on the ground, rather than giving him reports. “I don’t deal with reports, I deal with measurable outputs,” the CS stressed.

The prof seemed to be pointing fingers at Mr. Gitonga for failing in his duty of routine school inspections, and only appearing in the schools when the CS is visiting. “If you have not been coming for seven months, why do you have to come when am coming. I don’t need you,” he said to the shocked audience.

In as much as Mr. Gitonga might have been on the wrong, Kenyans felt that some level of emotional quotient (EQ) is required when dealing with adults.

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KUPPET has so far threatened to push for the sacking or resignation of the cabinet secretary, if he does not lower his status and apologize to Mr. Gitonga.


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