TSC To Be Grilled by Parliament Today Over Teacher Promotion Stagnation

Demotion Awaits Heads in Job Group C2 Due to CPG

Primary school Deputy headteachers who earned their promotions without following Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) could be demoted.

Among those targeted are Deputy headteachers who are in acting capacity yet did not undergo the set guidelines that informed their current position.

As per the CPG, a teacher cannot skip two job groups in any form of promotion and one must serve in one job group for a period of at least three years before moving to the next.

For instance, a teacher in job group C2 will get promoted to job group C3 before getting promoted to job group C4. However, it is impossible for the teacher to move directly from C2 to C4.

Several teachers were issued with promotion letters from their TSC County Directors offices to act as Deputy headteachers.

However, some of the teachers however were not eligible according to CPG, since they were either in Job group C2 or C1.

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Even though they are Deputy headteachers in acting capacity, the system locked them out from applying for confirmation through the just recalled TSC promotions.

The situation is however different for teachers in ASAL and Hard to staff areas. In such areas a teacher can skip job groups because promotion is on affirmative action.

TSC cancelled the advert for 14,738 promotion vacancies after mass protests from various teachers including the administrators in acting capacity.

In the advert 3,392 slots went to secondary school while 11,346 went to primary schools. The vacancies arose from retirements, resignations or deaths. Many teachers have also been holding managerial positions in acting capacity.

Some primary school teachers who were left out in the promotion advert like B5 and C1 said their promotion should be automatic upto job group C2.

They wondered why TSC created two senior teacher position i.e. C2 and C3 which represent senior teacher II and I respectively.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet)Chairman Omboko Milemba backed the cancellation and asked the TSC to increase the number of vacancies.

He added that very many deserving teachers would be left out.

“People deserving promotion are not the target of the advertisement. These are teachers in C3 and C4 job groups. It is a drop in the ocean,” Milemba said.

Milemba blamed the commission for not promoting teachers, thus making them lose benefits.

He said that his office is working on data to establish the extent of the problem and what teachers are owed. He put the figure at more than Sh1 billion.

“This is a pending bill that’s not qualified. It is exploitation of labour by the TSC and government.

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