Digital Learning Resources

Digital Learning Resources

1. Text based digital learning resources

a.ICT skills required  to access Text-Based Digital Learning Resources

Typing skills
digital searching skills
digital literacy skills
innovative skills

b. Ways of increasing access for students with special needs to text-based digital learning resources

i.Removing obstacles to focus for people with ADD or ADHD

Provide these learners with downloadable material that can be completed in their own time and environment free of online distractions.

ii.Difficulty engaging with audio elements

Any audio-based activities should include subtitles or closed captions.

Create audio transcripts for podcasts so that online learners can still follow and engage with the content.

iii. Improving accessibility to the text

Enhance access to audio-based resources complete with written descriptions.

To enable them connect the two delivery formats and improve their comprehension of the content.

iv.Providing online learning in different languages

Online learners for whom English is a second language may benefit from translated versions of an online learning course. This is particularly important if you are catering to a worldwide audience.

v.Difficulty seeing visual elements

Provide narrations and audio captions to those blind to explore the content.

Simplify any text elements to make it easier to read

Decipher texts to avoid any technical jargon that audio conversation software could find difficult to read out loud.

vi.Catering for memory impairment

Refresh and reinforce key information regularly to help support memory retention.

Create an online micro-learning training library that they are able to access on their own, to enable them study at their own pace  and address any gaps in memory.

2.Audio based resources

Click the link below to listen to the role of ICT

3. Video Based Resources

click the link below to watch a video on the role of ICT in education

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