Drama As A 59 Year Old Teacher Insists He Must Mark His Learners Scripts In School

Drama As A 59 Year Old Teacher Insists He Must Mark His Learners Scripts In School

Teachers and learners of a school in Hamisi sub county, Vihiga county woke up to a drama on Friday morning  as a 59 year old teacher reappeared in school and demanded to mark his learners chemistry scripts.

Mr. Wafula, who has been on a TSC directed leave due to high risk of succumbing to covid-19 among aged persons, was a teacher of chemistry in one of the streams in the three streamed school.


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Wafula insisted that he must see his learners’ chemistry results and devise a way forward as a subject teacher. “There is no way someone else who has not been handling my class can mark their scripts and report the results to me. I must mark and confirm by myself if my learners heeded what I taught them before covid-19,” shouted Wafula.

The teacher, who doubles up as a national examiner, revealed that he had taught his learners how to tackle KCSE questions and must confirm if the learners can still recall his lessons. “These young teachers mark anything closer to the real answer, without a regard as to whether the answer is a valid marking point or not. Furthermore, they mark very slowly. I have taken my learners through KCSE question answering tips and the scripts must be marked as per those tips so that the learners do not get free marks. Even in heaven, there are no free marks,” Wafula disclosed to the school’s director of studies, in a bid to justify his actions.

“With my 30 plus years teaching and marking experience, it takes me a very short time to mark and deliver results within the deadline,” he added.

His learners and colleagues described him as a hardworking teacher, who can sacrifice anything just to spend time with the learners.

Wafula expressed the love he has for his students and cursed covid-19 for being the unexpected barrier between him and his learners, especially at his sunset years in the profession.

It had to an intervention of a team of teachers from the school’s guidance and counseling department to talk to the teacher, before he left the school compound. Whatever the team told the initially irrational Wafula is still not known, but left everyone in shock since even the school deputy principal could not convince Wafula to go back home.

Teachers with pre existing health conditions and teachers who are fifty eight year of age and above had been directed by the teachers’ service commission, TSC, to work from home. This was a move to save their lives since they are more vulnerable when exposed to covid -19.

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