Only Needy Learners Will be given free masks: Magoha Declares

Education Ministry Asks Heads to show cause they are Ill prepared to deal with Covid-19

Siaya county ministry of education has written to some heads, demanding reasons why they are ill prepared to deal with Covid-19.

The school heads are expected to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against them, after failing to ensure the ministry of health’s protocols are followed in their institutions. Among the protocols include; regular hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks, among others.

A section of the heads are wondering how they could do all those without additional funds from the government. “Though the government promised to construct extra classrooms and to supply Masks to schools, nothing has happened so far, and we are seriously distressed,” disclosed one of the heads.

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KUPPET chairman, Omboko Milemba has condemned the Ministry of Education for writing show-cause letters to school heads in Siaya for being ill-prepared to deal with Covid-19.

Milemba accused the ministry of harassing principals because their schools are not having anything in place.

“The preparedness of our schools depend on the government. It is the business of the Ministry of Education to actually bring masks, running water points and even infrastructure, not teachers,” he added.

He argued that it beats logic for the government to harass teachers who are expecting help from them.

“The government should be reminded that teachers are under TSC and not ministry. What they did was illegality and those letters have no meaning in the structure of teachers’ discipline,” he explained.

He told all school heads who received the show-cause letters to forward them to the union’s national office for action.

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