Form 3 Student Sues 7 Teachers Over Sexual Advances, Harassment

Form 3 Student Sues 7 Teachers Over Sexual Advances, Harassment

A Form 3 student at Kereri Girls High School in Kisii has sued the school accusing several teachers of sexual misconduct.

In a petition filed in a Nairobi court, the girl who has sued through her mother said the school is notorious for sexual abuse by male teachers.

She said even after bringing up the issue of the sexual advances and physical abuse by the teachers to the management, nothing was done.

They have sued the school principal Teresa Atieno Otieno and seven teachers for the alleged offences.

She said the physical abuse started between June 7 and 14, 2020, when her name was noted down as one of the noise makers by the class prefect.

She said a male teacher went to the class and used the noisemakers list to whip students.

“I pleaded with him not to whip my palms which he dismissed and proceeded to whip me severely while telling me that I am not special” reads court papers.

She sustained bruises from the beating and her hands were swollen further saying she was in pain and was not medically attended to by the school.

The girl said the same teacher went to her class the next day with hot water and offered to massage her swollen hand. She claims that he found her seated alone and that’s when he made sexual advances at her.

“Unajua wewe ni msichana mrembo sana, nitakununulia gifts… na nikupee pesa kwa wiki ukikubali tu-have sex nataka tupate mtoi ukimaliza shule,” reads court papers.

She told her mother who then decided to take her to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital where X-rays were done on her hand and a sling was fitted.

She said early this year she got into a brutal encounter with the same teacher who slapped her across the face when he found her sleeping on her desk at 4 pm.

The mother and daughter are seeking compensation in damages on account of physical and mental torment, agony, anguish and suffering.

Last year she said a second teacher made sexual advances at her in the staff room during remedial time.

“He then proceeded to place his hand on my thigh and caressed my inner thigh as he was explaining about making it in high school then he withdrew,” she said.

According to court papers, more male teachers were allowed to stay at the quarters next to the dormitory despite the school having other quarters towards the fields which are occupied by female teachers.

She claims that one of them, a male teacher would use the path right adjacent to the open area where the girls would take bath at 4 am.

“He had developed a peculiar habit of aiming the beam of light from his torch towards the girls who were by the time taking a bath in the open area next the path as he walked from the teacher’s quarters” reads court papers.

She has also sensationally claimed that at one point this very teacher was caught by students kissing a student near the dorm quarters and there was unrest in the school with the girls protesting.

The mother says the sexual misconduct and child sex exploitation at the school were reported to the DCI in March.

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