Free 2021 Lessons notes and Schemes of work 

Download all your lesson notes, schemes of work, set books and other teaching and learning aids at absolutely zero cost.

Primary school Teaching And Learning Materials

Teaching / learning notes

Grade 5-8 maths notes

Grade 5-8 English notes

Grade 5-8 kiswahili notes

Grade 5-8 Science  notes

Grade 5-8 social studies notes

Grade 5-8 CRE notes

Schemes Of Work

Grade 5-8 Maths schemes of work

Grade 5-8 English schemes of work

Grade 5-8 Kiswahili schemes of work

Grade 5-8 Science schemes of work

Grade 5-8 social studies schemes of work

Grade 5-8 CRE schemes of work

Secondary School Teaching and Learning Materials

All form 1-4 Subject Notes

All Current set books and their guides

All form 1-4 schemes of work

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