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Funding Crisis Likely to Affect 2022 HELB Applicants

With the Placement results for universities, TVETS and TTCs out, the government will need not less than ksh. 30 billion to fund all the students who have been placed in various courses. (You can change your placement results here.)

However, If the government sticks to its 100 per cent transition to colleges and universities drive, it would require Sh66.5 billion to absorb all the 754,229 who scored between grades A and D- (minus). This figure still ignores 81,345 students who got grade E in the 2021 KCSE examination.

While Releasing the placement results, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha confirmed that all students who made applications for degree, diploma and certificate courses have been placed.

“This year, a total of 250,052 students submitted their applications for placement to universities, TVET institutions and Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs). I am pleased to note that all applicants have successfully been placed,” said Prof Magoha.

According to the CS,  123,963 students who scored minimum university entry grade of C+ and above have secured degree courses.

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“The majority of the students who attained the mandatory minimum of university qualification grade of C+ and above were completely placed to take degree courses in public and private universities,” said Magoha.

Another 124,258 students have been placed in Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) col-leges. Of these are 5,278 who scored university entry grades but opted to pursue TVET courses.

Basic calculations, however, reveal that by September when admissions are expected to start, the government must make available Sh30.1 billion to support learning in universities and colleges.

Ordinarily, the government allocates Sh140,000 to each university student per academic year to cater for tuition.

This means that for 123,963 students who will be enrolled for degree courses in universities, Sh17.4 billion must be available.

At the same time, Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) provides long-term loans, ranging between Sh40,000 and Sh60,000 per year for upkeep and purchase of learning materials for the students.

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The majority of the students who attained the mandatory minimum of university qualification grade of C+ and above were completely placed to take degree courses in public and private universities.”

This means another Sh5 billion will be required, bringing the total amount needed for university stu-dents to Sh22.4 billion.

And for 124,258 students to be admitted to TVETs, the government would require more funding to sup-

port them.

Even though the average fees in TVETs is Sh56,000, the government spends Sh30,000 on each student’s capitation annually. This would translate to Sh3.7 billion for those placed.

Additionally, Helb requires more funds to supplement the government capitation for all students enrolled in TVETs to cater for their fees, with each learner getting Sh26,400.

Another Sh13,600 is disbursed for upkeep to the students, pushing the total amount Helb requires to fund each TVET student to Sh40,000 per year. This would translate to Sh4 billion for the TVET students.

In total, the money the government would require to fund the students placed comes to about Sh30.1 billion.

However, under the 100 per cent transition policy, it has been revealed that Sh66.5 billion would be required.

This means that in addition to the Sh22.4 billion required to fund the university students, more funding will be needed to support 630,266 students who could be admitted to TVET institutions.

This is the total number of students who scored grades between C plain) and D (minus).

If all these students are supported o gain admission to the TVET colleges, Sh44.1 billion will be needed.

However, the set of 81,345 who scored grade E in the examinations will remain unaccounted for as they may not get admission to any of the colleges. Transiting all learners from secondary school to universities and tertiary education may still remain a mirage as the funding required to support the policy at this level is huge.

Read full story at Source: Sunday standard 26 June 2022

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