“God will punish You!’ NASA CEO Norman Magaya tells a Former Presidential Aspirant

The national super alliance party CEO Norman Magaya has opened up over an eviction notice issued by his landlord, due to accrued rent arrears. This comes at a time when the ODM die hard is admitted in the hospital and the medical bills have accrued to a level that he cannot manage in his current condition.

In his twitter handle, Magaya posted, “I am on the verge of eviction and embarrassment, and I fear nothing, absolutely nothing! From the cold street with my toddler daughters, I shall rise high for God is with me.’ Though Magaya earns a monthly income of ksh. 300,000, he has been through a lot and is unable to raise his rent arrears.

“As the true son of my late father and mother, I shall not beg. I am ready for the consequences and enough of tormenting me and my innocent kids. I have no duty to please anyone. Goodbye world!” continues the tweet in Magaya’s timeline.

The ailing politician alleges that his strong political affiliation and stand is the reason he is suffering. Although his efforts to secure a job have entered a dead end, Magaya insists that he is ready to paddle through murky sea of tribulation.

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Hon. Dennis Onyango, Raila’s PA, had to wait for Magaya to post about his financial and social condition in the social media to issue an update on Magaya’s health. Kenyans on twitter could not entertain such a level of mediocrity and tackled him head on.

“Whereas he is generally fine, his doctor has recommended some check-ups. We are at a city hospital and I have alerted his wife,’ posted silas Jakakimba.

Magaya’s medical condition has been deteriorating since august 2017 when he collapsed during the presidential vote tallying.

Someone is Responsible

From his posts, Magaya seems to be blaming someone whose name he cannot mention, for his frustrations. ‘You may gain the satisfaction of annihilating me as a single person to poverty but with God, you will never achieve your targets in life. You shall fail!” read a post on his twitter timeline. ‘You profit nothing at all condemning young lives to poverty in pursuit of power! As my kids miss school coz of my medical condition so do you miss out on blessings! God will punish you!”

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