SRC: Salary Hikes After 2021-2025 CBA Will Depend On State Of Economy And Performance

Government Freezes Salary Increment For Civil Servants

Civil servants will not have an upward review of their monthly salaries as employers have been advised not to do so to tame a high wage bill.
Speaking on Monday during the 3rd National Wage Bill Conference at the Bomas of Kenya, Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) Chairperson Lyn Mengich said the move will help achieve fiscal sustainability and harmonisation.

“Affordability and fiscal sustainability are a key consideration in any collective bargaining negotiations. Employers are therefore advised not to consider any review of financial items where there is no demonstration of the ability to afford and sustain a review among other considerations,” she stated.

Mengich further added that all institutions should operate within the 50th percentile mid-point in offering salaries and those yet to achieve the mark should do so expeditiously.

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“Institutions above this positioning will retain their salary structures whereas those below will progressively be moved towards the 50th percentile,” she added.

The 50th percentile midpoint is a payment method to achieve streamlined remuneration for all public servants. The point is determined by the SRC.

If a public servant is being paid below the mid-point the SRC recommends that the employer effects a salary set at the required or near the median.

Speaking at the same convocation, Head of Public Service Felix Koskei urged public servants to exercise patience as the government attempts to find a remedy to the ailing economy.

He said that the nation has to live within its means as the government lacks extra money to pay civil servants as it grapples with a high wage bill.

“We urge all the employers and employees of the unions to realise the state of the economy that this country has, the measures that the government has taken to turn around the economy and also consider that at this time it is not possible to look for additional of salaries,” he said.

President William Ruto has previously remarked that the government needs to be frugal and not pay doctors more than what the Treasury has made available.

Ruto emphasized that there will be no more money afforded to doctors and they should take what has been offered before the deal is taken off the table.

Doctors have maintained they will not call off their nationwide strike until their salary needs, amongst other demands, are met.

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