Guide to booking TPAD online lesson observation for teachers

The teachers’ code of regulations mandates the teachers service commission to establish a performance appraisal tool that is open to its employees. In the current TPAD tool, all actions are done online unlike the former one where a manual form was filled first before moving online. Lesson observations are not spared either. They should be booked online before filling the manual sheets.

Each teacher must be observed once a month, subject to booking. Lesson observations cannot be done before or after the indicated booking date and time.

To book an online lesson observation using your smart phone, you should keenly follow the steps summarized below.

Step 1

Click the chrome browser on your mobile phone. Any browser can work but chrome is the best since it can handle websites with heavy traffics and can.

Step 2

Go to the TSC website and click on the menu (the 4 horizontal lines just below the TSC logo). A black dialogue box appears

Step 3

Proceed to ‘online services’ and click the drop-down menu. A grey dialogue box appears. Click ‘teacher appraisal (TPAD)’.

Step 4

Click ‘login’ on the top far right and select ‘teacher/ deputy’ on the dialogue box that appears.

Step 5

Enter your TSC number, ID number and password in their corresponding fields and click ‘login’. Your dashboard appears.

Step 6

Click on the menu, located next to the TSC logo. Select self-appraisal and from the drop-down menu, click ‘lesson observation’.

Step 7

Click ‘request observation’. A dialogue box appears prompting you to write a message. Give information on the date of observation and time.

Step 8

Click ‘send request’ and wait for your lesson observation. You can only proceed if your deputy principal has updated your lesson attendance on your TPAD account. Otherwise, you will not receive any reply and your observer will not be notified. If successful at this step, proceed to step 9

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Step 9

Fill in the required fields i.e. observer’s name, observer’s TSC number, date, time, class, topic, subtopic and load. Once you are through, ‘click send’. Your observer will receive a lesson observation tool to be used to observe you on the date and time you had earlier specified.

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