Guide to KUCCPS inter-institution and faculty transfers 2020 using your mobile phone

Guide to KUCCPS inter-institution and faculty transfers 2021 using your mobile phone

After confirmation of the university you have been placed in, you may find yourself uncomfortable with the university or the course. It is a normal feeling, especially if you did your second revision or if you have been selected by KUCCPS  to join a private university and you have little money. It is possible to change both the course and the institution.

Using your mobile phone, you can easily change the institution or course KUCCPS has selected you to join through the step by step guide explained below. All the best as you plan to change your institution.

To apply for an institution transfer or course transfer, you must pay a nonrefundable fee of 1000 Kenya shillings to KUCCPS.

Step 1

Open the chrome browser in your mobile handset. Only chrome can give you a window that fits onto your phone’s screen.

Step 2

Type  on your browser’s search area and search. A window appears, prompting you to log in. Fill the fields provided using corresponding Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) index number, exam year and password. Your password is your birth certificate number or your KCPE index number, depending on what your school used to register you.

Step 3

Click the menu (the three hyphens near the KUCCPS logo) and choose ‘Transfers’. Click programme and on the drop-down menu, choose the programme you wish to transfer to. Remember you must meet all the minimum requirements as demanded by KUCCPS.

You should also select from a list, the university you want to go to. The university should be offering the course you have chosen.

Give reasons why you want to transfer. You should have an evidence to this.

Step 4

Click on the download link given and download your KUCCPS transfer form. Do not alter the form in any way once downloaded.

Step 5

Once you have downloaded the KUCCPS transfer form, present it in person to the dean of students in the university you want to be admitted at. You will be accepted in that institution subject to availability of the course you chose and availability of chance. If rejected, take the form to KUCCPS in person and argue your case.

Step 6

If accepted, take the form to dean of students in the university where you were initially placed so that you are officially released.

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Step 7

Take the form to KUCCPS in Nairobi so that they update their records. You will be notified on how to collect your transfer letter and your letter of admission to the university of your choice.

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