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Heads to face punishment for declining to approve online teacher transfer Requests

The teacher’s service commission is planning a mandatory digitization of most of its services. Teacher transfers is among the TSC services which have taken the online direction. Currently, all teachers seeking transfers must go the online route, as opposed to the past when papers were the order of the day.

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Determined to ensure that the online innovation works, TSC has maintained that it will not entertain any acts that derail any online activity. It is for that reason that it has put school heads on the watch for failure to approve online transfer requests or for late approval of online transfer requests.

Digital transfer approvals, just like in the paper age, are done by the head of institution through a positive recommendation. In case a teacher wants to transfer to another county, then the TSC county director must also give a recommendation, in line with that given by the head of institution, after which the request is forwarded to TSC headquarters in Nairobi.

Report on the milestones of online teacher transfer shows that most teachers welcomed the idea and took to the online portal to submit their requests. Unfortunately, most of the requests were not approved by the school heads on grounds that are yet to be explained. Additionally, the few school heads that gave their recommendations did so too late, with some even submitting as late as mid-April.

“Failure to give a recommendation online keeps the submission passive and it may not reach the desired destination for final action. School heads are really retarding this good course that was designed to help the teacher,” said a  senior TSC staffing office, who soughtt anonymity.

The officer confirmed that heads will be required to approve transfers timely failure to which, they will face punishment. School heads can now approve the transfers by clicking this procedure.

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