Higher Salary Perks to ECDE teachers as More Governors Implement SOS

Higher Salary Perks to ECDE teachers as More Governors Implement SOS

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers have all the reason to be happy. This is after governors from various counties are joining are implementing the schemes of service (SOS), and pledging to meet the July 2022 deadline for employing ECDE teachers and awarding them salary increments.

The latest county to implement the schemes of service agreement is Nyandarua County. The county boss Francis Kimemia honoured the agreement that will see Nyandarua county ECDE teachers enjoy enhanced perks.

While issuing the 381 teachers with employment letters late this week, Mr Kimemia confirmed that he will be committed to improving Early Childhood Education in the county by empowering tutors and carrying out infrastructural development.

The teachers will be employed on permanent and pensionable, which will see each of them earn a salary of each Sh10,000 every month.

“If you recall, education was one of the key pillars in my manifesto. I pledge to improve and modernise our ECDEs as a way of boosting our early education. I also promised to look at the critical component of human resources,” said the governor.

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The Scheme of Service was developed by the Department of Education together with the County Public Service Board, the Ministry of Public Service, the Public Service Commission, and the Teachers Service Commission.

Kimemia hailed the new Scheme of Service, saying that it provides not only a better remuneration for the ECDE teachers who have been underpaid for a long time but also provides for a clear career progression path.

“In the Scheme of Service, an ECDE teacher can be employed as an Assistant Teacher in Job Group F and retire as a Director ECDE Quality Assurance Director at Job Group R after furthering education and having demonstrated good leadership skills,” he said.

In implementing the Scheme of Service, 381 serving preparatory assistants will be absorbed on permanent terms of service.

An additional 200 teachers will be engaged to reduce the ECDE teacher shortage in the county. The new scheme will see the preparatory assistants enjoy a new and improved monthly package. It will also provide the teachers with opportunities for career progression.

The Certificate holders’ entry grade will be at Job Group ‘E’; Diploma holders will be at Job Group ‘H’; while Degree holders will join the Scheme of Service at Job Group ‘K’.

The scheme will also make it possible for certificate holders to rise from job group ‘E’ up to job group ‘K’.

Diploma holders will rise from job group ‘H’ up to job group ‘N’. Degree holders will rise from the entry grade in job group ‘K’ up to job group ‘R’.

It further gives the teachers opportunities for continuous training by the county.

It is understood that the scheme will also attract more people and encourage the existing ones to pursue higher education for their individual career growth.

“The Scheme of Service will motivate teachers leading to improved performance and service delivery. There will be improved learner management by the motivated teachers and lessen the burden on parents paying private tutors,” Kimemia said.

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