School Fees Hasn’t Changed, Machogu Clarifies Fee Increment

How 14 subjects will be distributed in Grade 7 Timetable

Ministry of Education has stated students in Junior Secondary Schools will take up to twelve subjects, this is an increase of six more as compared to the 8-4-4 system.

The grade seven learners, who are the first cohort on the new curriculum, with have an option of choosing two other subjects aside from the compulsory twelve.

The 12 subjects are; English, mathematics, pre-technical studies, Kiswahili, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Business Studies.

Others are Agriculture, Religious Education (IRE, HRE, CRE), Health Education, Sports and Physical education, and life skills.

Maths and English will be slotted five lessons each in a week while pre-technical studies, Kiswahili and science will be slotted four lesson each per week. Social studies, religious studies, business & agriculture will be allocated three lessons each in a week. The Allocation for sports and health education will be 2 lessons each while life skills will have only one lesson per week.

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