How Amazon web worker Africa conned Kenyans and how to recover your money

How Amazon web worker Africa Skillfully conned Kenyans and how to recover your money

Amazon web worker Africa tricked a section of Kenyans to invest a lot in their con game, with promises of huge returns. Loyal Kenyans took loans, sold their properties, used school fees, shopping money among others to invest heavily in this high return-shorter duration venture. All was well as the investors could see in their screen, money trickling like the 2007 Tharaka nithi election results. Of great concern was the fact that too much was needed to withdraw too much less. Additionally, the minimum withdrawable amount was too high to enhance daily withdrawal. Investors therefore opted not to withdraw their grabs till they reach some amount that can actually help them. Someone wanted it to reach the price of a car, others the price of land, others a real estate. Still others wanted it to reach the amount of money they borrowed so that they withdraw and pay their debts, before saving more in amazon web worker Africa app to start their things.

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Shockingly, it reached a time this week when a section of investors had grabbed enough money and wanted to withdraw but the app could not allow them. Subsequently, the amazon web worker Africa app disappeared from play store and the amazon web worker website was unreachable.

Both the amazon web worker Africa website and app are currently not working, proving that the master minders have achieved their goal. The amazon web Africa app itself has since been removed from play store and the website is out of service.

Rumors have it that amazon web worker Africa promised to be back on Tuesday after ID celebrations. But the big question is; was the amazon web Africa app and amazon web Africa website also celebrating ID?

How to recover your money

If you lost in the amazon web Africa pyramid, you can get back your money. Simply click your package type below and follow the instructions.





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