How Appeal for if Your HELB Loan 2020 is Below Kshs. 60,000

Sometimes, HELB applicants may get HELB loans lower than their expectations or lower than the amounts they requested during HELB applications. Frustrating it is but in such frustrating cases, learners should not despair because there is another option- HELB appeal.
To appeal all you need is an evidence to the reason why you are appealing. Among the possible evidences are your parents’ death certificates (even one if you have lost only one parent), your parent’s pay slips, or even a copy of the page HELB form that shows your siblings or family expenses. A letter from your former principal or area chief describing the extent of your financial need may also be an evidence.
HELB appeals have deadlines, just like the case of HELB applications. The best time to appeal is within the first week of confirming your HELB disbursement positively. HELB Appeals are only done in first year first semester. It is not mandatory but if you don’t, it implies that you are comfortable to get that HELB amount for the next four years or until you complete your course.
With your mobile phone or computer, you can easily proceed with your HELB appeal using the guidelines below.

Step 1

Open the browser in your mobile phone or computer. Those using their mobile phones should try chrome for a faster and better browsing experience.

Step 2

On the search area, type and search to log into your HELB student portal account for student.

Step 3

On the tab areas on the top of the window of your HELB account, click ‘loan appeal.’ Fill the required fields in the form and specify the reasons for your move. Any reason counts for as long as you have evidence.

Step 4

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Download and print the form. You cannot print it from your phone. However. Sign in the required area and take the form to the dean of students in your school so that he also signs.

Step 5

Take the form to the nearest Huduma centre for effective action. Wait for about 2 weeks to see arrears in your bank account.

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