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How To Apply For Annual Leave Online

The Teachers Service Commission has through a circular directed teachers seeking any leave to make online applications.  Interns are not spared in applying for leaves through online platforms.

According to the circular issued few days ago, there will be no manual application for all types of leaves effective 1st December, 2021.

In the past, manual applications have been used to seek mostly maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave and study leave. Annual leave has however been automatic since it occurs during December holidays though TSC insists that teachers should apply for the leave because they are always on duty.

Now that it has been made official, it is likely that teachers who will proceed on December Holidays without applying for the annual leave stand losing their annual leave allowance, which is usually paid at the end of January. To avoid such inconveniences, teachers are highly encouraged to apply for annual leaves using the procedure below. Kindly note that the procedure applies for other types of leaves too.

In case of any challenges, teachers are advised to consult the Commission‘s ICT field officers for assistance. Those who have already applied manually and proceeded on leave will not be affected.

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  • Using your convenient browser, preferably chrome, visit https://tsc.go.ke/ .
  • In the MENU at the top, go to online services. From the drop down MENU, choose HRMIS-teachers.
  • From the sub-menu that comes, click ‘leave.’
  • Put in your details-TSC No, ID Number, Mobile Number and click login.
  • A six-digit authorization code will be sent to your mobile number. Put in the authorization code and click login
  • On successful login the system is able to detect if you are either primary or post  primary teachers
  • Click ‘+’apply for leave or add another leave.
  • Choose your preferred leave type from the drop down menu under type of leave. In this case, its annual leave. Fill all the details and click Ok once done.
  • Fill all the details and click Ok
  • The leave applied will be displayed as under your leaves in a table format. Click attachment to attach a document for the leaves that requires attachment
  • Click on the attachment icon to attach your document
  • Click on on Browse to locate your document
  • Check the declaration box and Click Ok
  • Click close to exit

After completing this process, you will wait for the recommendation from your head of the institution for the commission to take action.


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