Migori TTC to Offer Diploma in Primary Teacher Education

How to Apply for TTC Diploma in Teacher Education or Early Childhood Education Through KUCCPS

KCSE holders wishing to teacher training colleges for diploma in teacher education (DIPTE) or diploma in early childhood education (DECTE) can now apply through the KUCCPS website. Unlike in the past where teachers in TTCs were not factored in the KUCCPS applications, this time, teachers pursuing diploma certificates in various TTCs will be admitted through KUCCPS, implying that they will receive HELB loans just like their university and TVET counterparts.

How to Apply

DIPTE and DECTE applicants can use the step-by-step guide below to apply for their courses using their mobile phones. You do not have to seek the services of a cyber man.

Step 1

Open the chrome browser in your mobile gadget. On the search area, type students.kuccps.net and search. If you are reading this article, simply click on the site. Go directly to login (immediately below the orange lining).

Step 2

A window appears prompting you to provide your KCSE index number, KCSE year and password. As your password, enter your birth certificate number (the 6-digit number on top of your birth certificate). In case it is failing, use your KCPE index number. Do not forget to include the school code when dealing with index numbers

Step 3

You are now in your account. Go to ‘menu’ (the three short horizontal lines to the right of KUCCPS logo) in the orange lining and click ‘programs’. Related programs are clustered together. If you goal is to get a TTC where you can pursue DIPTE Or DECTE, then under programs, navigate to diploma programs and choose the last programme in that list, primary and early childhood teacher education.

Step 4

Once you have identified the programme, click on it and confirm that you meet the minimum requirements before scrolling down to the list of teachers training colleges offering the programme.

Step 5

Swipe your phone leftwards to see your cluster points for the programme on the far right and note it in a piece of paper. For each TTC, compare your cluster points against the cluster point of the college the previous year (found on the far left). If you are interested in the college and your cluster points are lower or equal to its, record its programme code and the college in a piece of paper. For those applying for TTC intake this year, the clusters may not be there since no previous intake had been conducted under KUCCPS. Simply ensure you meet the qualifications.

You will repeat steps 3 and 4 till you come up with all the courses that you want.

Step 6

On your piece of paper, make a final draft by arranging your draft choices into their respective choices. You should have at least six college choices.

Step 7

Now you have 6 courses. Go to the menu (refer to step 3) and click on application/ revision. Click ‘apply now’. Enter the codes that you had arranged in their respective spaces. Once through, click submit. You will be notified the amount you should pay, the playbill, and the account number.

Enter the transaction code in your MPESA message and click ‘submit’. You can view your applications by clicking application history

To pay via MPESA, click the sim tool kit on your phone, then go to MPESA. Select ‘lipa na’ MPESA then pay bill. Enter the business number and the account number as directed in your portal account, followed by your MPESA pin, then send.

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