How to Apply for TVET HELB loan in 2020 and get Maximum Disbursement
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How to Apply for TVET HELB loan in 2020 and get Maximum Disbursement

Students pursuing courses with diploma and certificate options in technical and vocational education training centres are not forgotten in the loan products of the higher education loans board, HELB. It is therefore their fundamental right to apply for HELB loan so as to subsidize their hiked fees. However, those learners who are not sponsored by our government only get the HELB loan in their school accounts as fees. They get no HELB in their personal student accounts as pocket money. Whichever way, getting above 70,000 shillings HELB loan per year towards your school fees is a very big milestone towards comfortably completing that diploma or certificate course of your imagination.

Requirements For Those Applying HELB loan For the First Time

  • Photocopy of your identity Card
  • Photocopy of your birth certificate.
  • Photocopies if identity cards of your parents or their valid death certificates if they had passed on.
  • Photocopies of the identity cards of your guarantors
  • Photocopy of your letter of admission to the university or preferred college.
  • Photocopy of your Kenya certificate of secondary education or just a result slip
  • Functional account number.
  • Photocopy of your bank plate or ATM card.
  • A coloured passport sized photograph

If you have all those required materials, you can apply for your HELB loan very easily using your computer or mobile phone.


Step 1

Open the browser in your phone or laptop. If you are using a mobile phone, chrome is the best browser for you since it can open virtually any window in the portal

Step 2

On the search area of your browser, type  and search. If you are ready to do it now, just click on the link and proceed. For those who do not have HELB accounts, you can create one by using the procedure here . you can also reach this HELB portal once you are on the HELB website.

Step 3

Enter your email address and your password then log in. On your HELB account, there are several HELB loan products. Select the relevant one you are applying for. If you are going for a degree course for instance, select first time TVET HELB loan application.

You may be asked several financial and commitment questions, which you must answer before proceeding.Find the HELB financial literacy questions here.

Step 4

Once you are through, you can begin your application process. You will fill in your personal data and save them. You will then proceed to your education details from primary to secondary (name of the institution, location and marks/grades obtained). Thereafter, you will enter your university details (name, course, course duration and registration number), followed by details of your siblings.

The next tab will be about details of your parents (names, identity numbers, KRA Pins, and contacts). If one or both parents had passed on, you will have to indicate and prove with photocopies of death certificates.

You will then give an estimate of your family budget in the next tab. The next tab is about details of your guarantors. You need 2 guarantors who have national identity cards, pin numbers and employment details.

In the next tab, you will fill your Bank details. Ensure that all the details are filled correctly and truly, each time saving before proceeding to the next tab. You will then submit your HELB loan details and print 2 copies of your HELB form.

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Step 5

Sign both HELB forms and take them to the guarantors, chief and priest/kadhi for signing. The magistrate should be the last person to sign your form and remember here you may part with some little fee.

Step 6

Keep one copy of the HELB form. On the other form, attach all the required documents as indicated in the very last page of the form. Submit this form to your nearest Huduma Centre or to the HELB offices at anniversary towers, Nairobi.

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