List Of Schools Yet To Upload Their Form One Selection In Nemis Per County

How to Change 2022 Form One Placement To A Desirable School

The 2021 form one placement results have been announced. The 2021Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates, who may not be pleased with the secondary school they have been selected to join, can now apply for readmission at their preferred schools.

It is important to note that the process of requesting for change of form one placement is done purely online.

How to change form one placement 

In order to apply for change of form one placement, follow the easy steps below;

The parent or guardian should place a request at the school of interest; where he/ she wants the kid to be transferred to. The school will then shortlist and merit all students in the waiting (request) list and make a decision on those they will like to absorb; depending on the available (unfilled) vacancies.

The school through the National Education Management System, NEMIS –, shall enter the details of the selected candidates from their waiting list and request the Ministry to capture them in the new school.

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List of National Schools In Kenya Per County

Approval to the schools’ requests shall be granted at different levels depending on the Category of the school. Approval for National, Extra County and County schools will be granted by the Ministry’s Head Office, Regional Coordinators and County Directors of Education, respectively.

Once the approval has been granted, the learner will then be moved from the selection list of the first school to the latest (new) school.

The parent/ guardian will then go online and print the admission letter for the new school.

Change of placement is not reversible and caution must be taken to avoid being placed in schools not desired,” warns the Ministry.

When a school has made a decision to offer a place to a student, the school will proceed to enter the details of the student.

For National and Extra County schools, the same has to be approved while for county, sub county and private, the system accepts automatically.

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