How to change your TSC Pay Point

How to change your TSC Pay Point

The teachers’ service commission, TSC, pays teachers their salaries through their preferred pay points. A pay point can be a bank or a SACCO. For a teacher to select a particular bank or SACCO as a pay point, he/she must have an active account with that bank/SACCO.

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Account details must be captured in a TSC bank form or pay point form for TSC to record and use one’s pay point details to pay salaries.

Upon employment, teachers are normally required to fill the TSC bank pay point  form. However, overtime, someone may wish to change pay point.

To change your pay point, follow promptly, the procedure below.

  • Download the TSC bank form by clicking here.
  • Print the pay point form and fill it by entering appropriately, the required details
  • Take the pay slip form to your principal/ head teacher for certification. In case you are a head, take your form to the TSC sub county director for certification.
  • You should be having a bank plate or ATM card for the new account number entered in the pay point form. Photocopy on both sides, the bank plate or ATM Card and your national identity card.
  • Attach the Bank plate/ ATM card and your National ID to the duly filled pay point form.
  • Send the documents to the TSC head quarters through Posta, Electronic mail services, EMS, or G4S. Use EMS preferably since it delivers your parcels quickly and at cheaper rates.

The TSC postal address is:

Secretary teachers service commission,

Private bag,


If you are planning to close the current pay point account, do not be in a hurry. Do wait till your new pay point begins to operate first. This takes about 2- 4 months but not more than 4 months.

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