How to cook kales (Sukuma wiki) for the ulcer patients
Fried sukuma wiki for ulcer patients

Patients suffering from gastric ulcers are advised to take a lot of observation in their diet. They are warned against several foods, most of them being acidic. Kales, commonly known as Sukuma wiki, are among the foods they should eat in moderation. But the biggest question is, how can one survive without kales? And the answer is no way. That answer is attributed to the fact that Sukuma wiki is the most available and the cheapest among all greens. In terms of health, it has a myriad of health benefits ranging from provision of fibers to protection through vitamins A and C.

There are kales specifically engineered for people with ulcers, though as a consumer, you may just buy anything you meet in the market. Whichever way, any Sukuma wiki can be prepared in such a manner that even patients suffering from ulcers eat it without any secondary side effects presently, or in the future.

Preparation of Sukuma Wiki for 3 Ulcer Patients


20 Sukuma wiki leaves

1 bulb of onions

1 grain of ginger

20ml of cooking oil

1 table spoon of salt

2 ripe sizeable tomatoes


1. Wash the leaves with enough water and slash them into thin strands in a small trough

2. Chop the tomatoes into a dish.

3. Chop the ginger and onions in one dish.

4. Put your desired sufuria or cooking pan on the source of heat and add oil. Heat for 3 minutes.

5. Add the mixture of onions and garlic and stir till the mixture assumes a brown colour.

6. Add the tomatoes and continue stirring till a red aromatic paste is formed.

7. Add salt as the stirring continues.

8. Put all the Sukuma wiki and stir for 1 minute.

9. Serve with your favorite carbohydrate and stew.

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Use the amount of oil specified for too much oil is dangerous for an ulcer and hypertensive patients.

Ginger is included in the diet since it contains chemical substances that kill H. pylori bacteria, which causes stomach also neutralizes the acid in the kales and in the stomach, since its extract is basic.

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