How to Create an Account With HELB as a First timer

Students joining post secondary school colleges and kenyan universities must register for a Higher Education loans board account for them to access HELB products and services, including loans. Even those who are applying HELB loan for the first time are should have an account before applying for the loan.

These days, loan application is not a preserve of the students sponsored by the government in the universities but rather any learner who is in any middle level institution. Learners in or yet to join polytechnics, technical training colleges, teacher training colleges, medical training colleges, vocational training colleges and kenyan public/private universities are all encouraged to apply.

Registering for a HELB account is one of the easiest things a student should not panic about. All you need is smart phone or a computer with a reliable internet connection, national identity card and a functional E-mail address. If you do not have an E-mail address, you can grab one by clicking the link

Step 1

Open a browser in your phone or computer. If you are using a mobile phone, you should use chrome for the best experience.

Step 2

On the search area of your browser, type and search. If  you are on this article you can just click  the link and proceed.

step 3

A window appears that prompts you to fill your identity card number and the very first name in your identity card number. Fill the fields appropriately, then validate.

Step 4

A window appears with your ID details already filled but there are unfilled fields for mobile phone number, E-mail address and password. Phone number and E-mail address must be functional. The password you choose must be something you can easily recall.

Fill the unfilled areas appropriately and click ‘sign up’. A window appears that congratulates you for successful account creation.

Step 5

Open your email to confirm the activation link that has been sent by the higher education loans board. Once you have opened that E-mail by HELB, click ‘click here’ on that message. You will be taken to your log in area.

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Step 6

Fill in your valid E-mail address and right password in the fields provided and log in. You will receive a code through an SMS in your mobile phone. Enter the code on the required field and click ‘proceed’ to verify your account.

A new window appears with various HELB products. That means you account is ready and if you are ready too, you can start applying for that coveted loan.

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