How to Remove the ‘Undefined’ Below your Profile Picture After T-Pay Validation

How to Remove the ‘Undefined’ Below your Profile Picture After T-Pay Validation

After validating all your T-pay details, you’ll realize that there is a writing, undefined, just below your profile picture. Do you still see Undefined under your profile picture on T-pay after validating your picture, number and Email? Of course, the answer is yes for all of us.

One wonders why it has to read undefined yet it is you and the details are yours. The commission expects it to be defined before the 30-day deadline, otherwise, you will not be able to get tpay services like access to p9, payslips, third party details and transactions, among others.

How to make your t-pay details defined

After validating your details on the t-pay, you will have to ensure they are authenticated. You will need to follow the procedure below.

  • Inform your institutional head that you are done with your part and that they should validate your t-pay details.
  • Tell the head to log into his / her T-pay. After logging, the principal or the head teacher will click on the menu (three lines on the top left corner) and click on Validate profile.  Not that principals or headteachers who have not validated their own tpay accounts details will not access the menu.
  • All teachers in the staff will appear on the screen.  At the end of each name there is Edit icon and Reset.
  • The head will Click on Edit icon and approve all that has appeared about you, if they are true, or disapprove if they are false.
  • The ‘undefined’ writing will only change to defined if all the information about you has been approved.

Please not that the head can only access the tpay menu if he or she has validated his tpay details. In case they have not validated their details, then you will still remain undefined.

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