How to Retrieve and Print Past TPAD Reports For TSC Promotions

How to Retrieve and Print Past TPAD Reports

In the online application teachers are required to submit their 2020,2021 and 2022 TPAD scores. The portal however shows only TPAD reports for 2022 and 2023. The TPAD reports for all the required previous years can be accessed and printed using the procedure illustrated below.

How to Retrieve and Print Past TPAD Reports

  • Log in to your TPAD account using a suitable browser, by clicking here.
  • On the dashboard menu ( top left corner), click ‘self-appraisals’. A drop-down menu appears, prompting you to click ‘self-assessment’. Click self-assessment.
  • Check on the top right corner of the window that appears and click, ‘View archived appraisals.’  
  •  You’ll get a warning prompt.Click ADVANCED.
  • Click PROCEED (It’s indicated’Unsafe.’Ignore the warning)
  • A new window will open. On the bottom right corner of the window, click, ‘start appraisal.’
  • Your appraisals will be shown, on a termly basis for the years.
  • To work out the figures to enter in the promotion application portal, get the average score for each year.
  • To print the reports, click ‘view appraisal’ on the action tab, then scroll down. Thereafter, click on ‘ print detailed appraisal,’ and a prompt will come.
  • nsure that the destination on the prompt reads, ‘save as pdf.’ At the bottom of the prompt, click save and a copy of the TPAD report will be saved. You can transfer and print it at your convenience.

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