How to Select Junior Secondary Schools For Grade Seven

How to Select Junior Secondary Schools For Grade Seven

The Kenya national examinations council (KNEC) has opened its portal grade six learners to select their preferred junior secondary schools, where they will be joining grade seven of the competency-based curriculum, cbc.

Once in the portal, each candidate will be expected to make 12 choices in a total of five categories. The categories and the number of schools to be selected per category are as highlighted below. It is advisable to prepare your list before logging into the portal. To prepare your list, click each of the five categories listed below and make a list of the number of schools in the category. This will make your work easier once you are in the portal. Below are the categories of junior secondary schools and the number of schools each candidate shou

  1. two national schools (click to see list of national Junior secondary schools)
  2. two regional schools. (Click to see list of regional junior secondary schools)
  3. two county schools (click to see list of county junior secondary schools)
  4. four sub county schools (click to see list of sub-county junior secondary schools)
  5. two private schools of their choice (click to see list of private junior secondary schools)

Note: All primary schools selected to host junior secondary schools will fall under sub-county junior secondary schools.

How to Make Your Junior Secondary School Grade Seven Selections In the KNEC Portal
  1. Log into the KNEC portal by clicking, and enter your username and passsword
  2. select grade six.
  3. then go to register learners.
  4. You will be taken to the selection panel where you will be expected to select:

5. One you have registered your selection click save selection.

Note: if you have trouble with username and password, please contact the school where your child is learning.

Once done, share this link with as many parents and teachers as you can to help them register their grade six learners. Sharing is power.

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