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How TPG Spokesperson Was Transferred Within A Day And Cautioned To Stop The Resist Anthem

Teachers Pressure Group (TPG) spokesperson, Martha Omollo, has been transferred from Nairobi to Trans Nzoia County. This comes a day after Omollo called for the revocation of tutors’ medical insurance under Aon Minet.

According to Omollo, TSC is fighting back TPG since it’s the only saviour for teachers, that would fill the vacuum left by the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) in fighting for the welfare of teachers.

Omollo terms the transfer as malicious and meant to intimidate and silence her and the team from exposing the frustrations teachers are facing under the medical insurance and other oppressions introduced by the TSC.

She recounted how Nairobi TSC County director gave her a phone call through her headteachers phone, warning her from speaking to the media.

“On Friday I received a call from TSC Nairobi County director through my headteacher who told me that I should be cautious of what I speak to the media and that any issues I have I should go through the teachers’ unions,” she said.

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A few minutes before 4pm, an official from TSC head office drove to the school and handed her the transfer letter and ordered her to start clearing from the school immediately.

She claims the headteacher was informed about the transfer earlier and had typed and signed her release letter.

“To my surprise, the head teacher seemed to have been informed about my transfer as he had already typed and signed a release letter from the school, which he also handed it to me,” revealed Omollo.

The letter signed by Fredrick Mwaniki on behalf of TSC CEO Nancy Macharia directed Omollo to report to the Trans Nzoia TSC county director by Monday.

“The commission has decided that you be transferred from Nairobi to Trans Nzoia County with effect from November 15 to teach all subjects,” reads the letter.

Nairobi TSC director was directed to inform the commission’s head office on the date she is released from the region and that the time of her release should not take more than 14 days.

Trans-Nzoia TSC director was also directed to inform the commission’s head office on the date Omollo reports on duty.

“Please note that it is an offence to leave your present station and join another without formally being released in writing as stipulated in the TSC Code of Regulation for teachers,” reads the letter.

On giving reason for Omollo’s transfer, the director said that the commission is treating her transfer like any other transfer.

When she asked about her disturbance allowance, which is supposed to equal her salary, the director was non-committal.

“I have decided to report to the commission’s Trans Nzoia office on Monday to be sent to the school I am supposed to teach, but after that I will move to court because that decision was made out of malice,” said Omollo.

Omollo reveals that TSC summoned her last week and directed her to retract the call for teachers to resist the TPD.

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