Ingenuine Parents Are Opposing CBC: KNPA

Ingenuine Parents Are Opposing CBC: NPA

The Kenya national parents association has termed a section of parents ingenuine because of their opposition stand in regards to CBC. The parents crowned as ingenuine by the national parents association chairman Nicholas Maiyo, have raised a lot of genuine concerns on CBC, which KICD had promised to consider during the review process.

Speaking at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development during an engagement with Education stakeholders on the CBC, Maiyo dismissed recent concerns by parents over the implementation demands of the curriculum.

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“Those are not genuine parents… we are the genuine parents and we are in full support of the curriculum. Where will the seven million children in preprimary school go if the curriculum is suspended?” he posed.

Maiyo further confirmed that as an association of parents, they are seeking to join a case opposing the Competency-Based Curriculum. He maintained that they will strongly defend the new curriculum since they are in support of the system, having witnessed everything good with it.

“Our concern is the judicial decision that could disrupt our children’s education…We will join the case as parents representing 10 million children in public primary schools,” Maiyo said.

Last Friday, a petition filed through Advocate Nelson Havi argued that the action by the Education Ministry to implement the new curriculum is unlawful and prejudicial to the future of the children of Kenya and ought to be halted.

The petitioner is seeking interim orders stopping the CBC pending hearing and determination of the case, adding that this will prevent a further denial and violation and infringement of the rights of children to education and free and compulsory basic education by the government.They seek the Education ministry to revert to the 8-4-4 system.

Currently, the new curriculum is under progressive implementation with the pioneer class being in Grade 5.

The national rollout of the CBC started in January 2019 at Pre-Primary I and II and Grades 1, 2 and 3 in lower primary.

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