Sossion Is Confident Of Being Re-Elected For A Third Term In Next Year’s KNUT Polls

International bodies now want Uhuru to solve KNUT, TSC Stalemate

International education Lobby groups have asked Uhuru to intervene in the labour disputes between KNUT and TSC.

Education international, all India primary teacher federation, New Zealand Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA), and South African democratic teachers union (SADTU) have separately written to Uhuru with a similar message; to stop TSC from frustrating and discriminating KNUT and its members.

“Since 2019, TSC has engaged in a systematic campaign against KNUT. It has discriminated against members of KNUT, excluded KNUT members from the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) since July 2019 and deprived the union of membership dues,” wrote new Zealand PPTA.

The letter, signed by Melange Webber, PPTA president, pleads with Kenyatta to ask TSC to restore the KNUT membership register.

“ The TSC should also restore the KNUT’S membership to that of June 2019, desist from discriminating against KNUT members concerning their  remuneration, promotion and working conditions, revert to implementing the 2017-2021 CBA AND Implement all the court orders and parliamentary decisions,” reads the letter.

SADTU has supported the concerns, adding that KNUT members have suffered discrimination on promotion and salary upgrades through some of the TSC changes which they allege have been made without due consultation and legislative approval.

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“we are also concerned that the TSC unilaterally suspended the five year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) signed in 2017 and has illegally introduced a digital validation of union membership, which has resulted in membership loss for KNUT,” Said Mugwena Mululeke, SADTU secretary general through a letter.

Education international Africa region, all India primary teacher federation, and London national education union also wrote to Kenyatta between March 19th 2021 and March 23rd 2021, with similar concerns.

Each of the letters were copied to KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion, labour and social protection cabinet secretary, Simin Chelagui, and COTU secretary general, Francis Atwoli.

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