KUPPET, KNUT Submit Fresh Salary/ CBA Demands To TSC

It’s Upto TSC To Decide How Much To Set Aside For Salary Increment From The Budget: Oyuu

The Kenya national union of teachers, KNUT secretary general Collins Oyuu has now left it upon the teachers’ service commission TSC, to make a final decision on the amount that it will set aside for increasing teachers’ salaries and the amount to be used for recruitment of new teachers from the budgetary allocation it received recently.

“It’s our hope that TSC will decide on how much they should set aside to increase teachers’ salaries and how much will be used for the recruitment of new teachers,”Mr Oyuu said.

Mr Oyuu confirmed that the union last week held a meeting with TSC over the review of the 2021-2025 non-monetary CBA. The general however declined to reveal the discussions of the meeting but just expressed hopes that TSC will decide on how to deal with the allocation.

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KUPPET, KNUT Submit Fresh Salary/ CBA Demands To TSC

It emerged early this month that TSC had been allocated Sh2.5 billion to hire 5,000 teachers on permanent and pensionable terms for 100 percent transition, against the 25,000 which it had requested earlier. The commission had also requested to recruit 12,000 interns but only 6,000 have been approved at a cost of Sh1.2 billion.

According to TSC CEO Nancy Macharia, some Sh1.15 billion will be used to train teachers on Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). The training will target teachers for languages in Grades 1, 2 and 3. It will also target training of secondary school heads of departments in CBC and school administrators in primary and secondary.

The teachers service commission may find it impossible to boost teachers’ salaries in 2022 despite the push by KNUT and KUPPET. Its probably because of this KNUT has left it upon TSC to decide on how to allocate that money.

KNUT is pushing for a pay rise of between 15 and 20 per cent.

“There’s a lot of progress being made. We are doing well. Once we are there, we shall invite you and let you know,” said Knut secretary-general Collins Oyuu.

KUPPET on the other hand is pushing for 30-70%, alongside additional allowances like risk allowance and overtime allowance.

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